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Coba dan Rasakan hebatnya teknologi AI bersama LegalDoc by Legalku
Incredible AI model
10 AI Documents / month
13,997 AI words / month
Dall-E v2 API
10 AI images / month
5 AI upscaled images / month
5 AI removed bg. images / month
5 AI replaced bg. images / month
10 AI transcriptions / month
2 MB audio files transcriptions
10 AI chats / month
100 AI chats messages / chat
OpenAI Audio API
10 AI syntheses / month
1,000 AI synthesized characters / month
10 projects
API access
No Ads
Starter Package
Incredible AI model
100 AI Documents / month
150,000 AI words / month
StableDiffusion API
50 AI images / month
50 AI upscaled images / month
72 AI removed bg. images / month
25 AI replaced bg. images / month
50 AI transcriptions / month
25 MB audio files transcriptions
Unlimited AI chats / month
Unlimited AI chats messages / chat
OpenAI Audio API
72 AI syntheses / month
Unlimited AI synthesized characters / month
50 projects
API access
No Ads

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